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    See below for our recommended restaurants, activities, and excursions

General Activities in Placencia, Belize

*We recommend you join the open Facebook groups Placencia What's Happening, or Placencia Restaurants, so you can get daily updates about what is going on in the village. Placencia is known to "run" on Facebook.

Walk the "loop" of the village. You can't get lost here, and we will give you a village map at check in. Follow the loop starting either on the main street or the sidewalk. This loop allows you to see the whole village and get a feel for the tour booths, shops, restaurants, and bars that draw you in. As you are walking around, check out the local woodworking, have a coffee at Above Grounds (looks like a treehouse), stop and have a gelato at the famous Tutti Frutti, and have a look at all the farmer's market stands (we recommend purchasing some tomatoes, an onion, cilantro, a jalapeno, and a lime- mix these together with bit of salt [available in suite] and some tortilla chips from the grocery store - all for under $5!) Stop and check out the pier - a lot of good bird/people/fisherman/dolphin watching here. Walk by and see what is happening at Tipsy Tuna and Barefoot Bar; they advertise their activities on chalkboards throughout the village (and they are right next to each other, this is the heart of the village fun.) Enjoy the shops and art galleries all throughout the village. Try Brewed Awakenings for their excellent coffee, blended drinks, and seaweed shakes.

Bikes, kayaks, paddleboarding…it is highly recommended that you set a day aside to just enjoy the beach. At CBC, we have bikes, paddleboards, kayaks, endless beach games, not to mention a cozy tropical pool, and tons of floats, rafts, cushioned loungers, hammocks, beach beds, and more to keep you entertained.

Rent a golf cart for the day. You can drive it all the way up the peninsula (you are allowed to take it as far as the Placencia Hotel - after that, only cars). You can rent a golf cart at Captain Jak's, walking distance to CBC. You can drive north through an authentic Garifuna village in Seine Bight (this is not set up for tourists, while it looks a bit rough, the locals are warm and friendly, and are very used to visitors - lunch at Vern's is one of the top rated places for local food.) Farther up, you will end up entering charming Maya Beach. Here you will find what looks like Florida from the 1940's. I highly recommend lunch or dinner at Mango's, Maya Bistro, or Belize Ocean Club. Park your cart, and walk around here on the beach - lots of little quiet beach bars. Most places let you walk around their facilities. Another worthwhile stop to sightsee is Singing Sands - very charming place for lunch. You can bowl at Jaguar Lanes, or check out the Placencia Hotel (this is where the casino is.)

Rent a car for the day. (easy to do from the village - Barefoot Rentals is a good one), and either go to the Maya King waterfalls - this is a popular place to have lunch, swim, and picnic, just north of the peninsula. It is a relatively safe and easy drive. A bit farther away, but within an hour, there is amazing hiking at Bocawina (and ziplining.) A fun stop on the way home is Lost Reef, for a couple drinks and a swim. You can even check out a working Banana Farm, or do amazing hiking at Bocawina or Cockscomb if you are willing to drive a bit farther.

Do an excursion. The highest rated/unique to Placencia excursions are the following: snorkeling at Silk Caye/Laughingbird Caye, Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve with Doyle at DTourz, a day trip to Ranguana Caye (a gorgeous private island), or a National Geographic-worthy boat trip to Monkey River, where you will find an untouched village and crazy wildlife. We also recommend the highly-rated Taste Belize** tours for all things culture and food. Our guests also love to do a long day of inland adventures - either the ATM Cave Tour or a half day Xunantunich Mayan ruins with the other half Cave Tubing. This is expensive but worth it! **Taste Belize recommends that you book in advance during the winter months as they will sell out; we are happy to book this or you can book directly from their website.

Spa/Yoga - Get a massage or spa service at Secret Garden, Ztouch, or Siriphon's. Do yoga at Eucalipto.

Recommended Restaurants


Friends Near the Pier and The Shak, closer to the pier. Cozy Corner is about halfway down the sidewalk, and Detatch is close to Barefoot. Aphrodite’s on the sidewalk and Buba Wuba’s on the harbor across the main road are also good options. We also recommend the breakfast burritos at the “Belize Mexican” stand near the police station. Merl’s Cafe is located farther south at the “point.” Wendy’s on main road and the Swiss Cafe on the sidewalk are also good options. You can sometimes find light eats at Brewed Awakenings or Above Grounds.

Our guest's favorites for dinner!

Higher-end Options…

Rumfish - a classic favorite for the Caribbean deck and and amazing drinks.

Turtle Inn - Francis Ford Coppola’s tranquil resort - wonderful for a romantic or special dinner.

Dolce Vita - for great Italian, located about 2 miled north in Los Porticos.

Naia - a newer resort about 20 minutes north, for a special dinner.

Wine Bar - a newer wonderful option in the village, great cheese plates to start the night.

Wendy's - great people watching on their veranda - a classic, great fish.

Detatch - for the view and the fish.

Maya Beach Bistro - one of the most highly-rated restaurants on the peninsula, for seasside dining - up in Maya Beach.

Secret Garden and Yucatan Tacos are newly managed restaurants to try, stay tuned!

More casual options…

Dawn's - a great low key choice, classic local food.

Omar's - another classic favorite for local fish-they will even cook yours if you bring it.

Cozy Corner - great view and conch fritters.

Cha Chi's - great second floor live music and great pizza options- will even deliver.

Rick's - amazing organic food, wonderful chef.

Aphrodite’s - great people watching on the sidewalk!

*Of course Barefoot Bar, Pickled Parrot, and Tipsy Tuna, any night of the week! Barefoot’s lobster grilled cheese is a guest favorite.

**For some super casual food stand options- Sidewinders for subs and chicken, Lil Bites for great local food, Carmens for “fast food”, Mr Qs for local barbeque, Belize Mexican stand for burritos, or the Burger Joint for local burgers. Mim’s is right at the street and is amazing local food (try the stewed chicken) for a $5usd lunch. All can be found with a walk through the village!

***Please note, some restaurants may temporarily close during low season; this list is subject to change. You can always check with us when you arrive and we will give you the latest info we have. Also note - lobster and conch are seasonal.

What to do each day of the week!

(subject to change)


Pickled Parrot- Art Bar - Every 3rd Monday, 3pm

Tipsy Tuna - Martini Monday and live music after 6

Turtle Inn - Indonesian Rijsttafel dinner

Flying Pig - Name that Tune, 6pm (a few miles north)


Barefoor Bar - Travelers Tuesday -$3bzd rum drinks from 5-close

Tipsy Tuna - Mojito Tuesday, plus sushi and live music


Barefoot Bar - Fun & Funky Jam session, visiting musicians welcome, starts at 5

Pickled Parrot - Live music 6pm

Tipsy Tuna - Garifuna Drumming 7-9pm, plus $1 bze wings all day


Barefoot Bar - Dirty Thursday - tell the bartender a dirty joke, get a free shot!

Pickled Parrot - Trivia at 6pm - prizes and free jello shots

Turtle Inn - Indonesian Rijsttafel dinner

Tipsy Tuna - Live Reggae, Soca, dancing, plus karaoke in the sports bar @9pm

Cha Chis -Live music


Yoli's  - live acoustic music, 4pm

Barefoot Bar - Live Caribbean music at 5pm

Turtle Inn - Silent Movie Night

DJs at Street Feet after 10pm

Cha Chis -Live music

Flying Pig - Bingo, 6pm


Barefoot Bar - Horseshoe Tournament - 4pm, plus live music 5-9

Live music at Pickled Parrot and Tipsy Tuna, late night at Street Feet

Cha Chis -Live music


Barefoot Bar - Daytime Beach Party, BBQ and live music 1-6pm

J-Dee's - karaoke at 8pm

Pickled Parrot - NFL Sundays

Cha Chis -Live music