Recommended Activities, Restaurants, and Excursions in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye!

Recommended Activities - General

---You can easily rent a bike or golf cart if you’d like. Bike rentals are available from several places a short walk from any hotel in San Pedro - we recommend Joe’s Bike Rental on Pescador. Golf carts - if you only want a golf cart for a day, we recommend walking to K Mart - you can order a golf cart from the cashier - usually about $45-50US per day. Other places will quote up to $75 per day, and those places are generally looking for longer term rentals. We recommend Coconut Carts Belize for a weekly rental, around $299USD. You can email Terry at for more info.  

---A fun day on the golf cart/bike is to take it north of the bridge - turn north at Back Street and you will eventually get to a bridge - you must stop before you enter the bridge and pay $10BZE to cross. The newly paved road just goes and goes….we recommend Secret Beach for a day (follow the signs a few minutes past Las Terrazas - the road gets VERY bumpy here and there but it is worth it!!) Other great places to stop north of the bridge - Truck Stop, Coco Loco’s Beach Bar, Rain Restaurant, Stella’s Wine Bar, Rojo Beach Bar (far north), Paco’s Tiki Bar, or anywhere you see a crowd gathering! The resorts will all let you stop and walk around - there are some really nice ones and it is worth it to park your cart or bike, and take a walk on the beach and check them out!

---Alternatively, head south and follow around the airport, and then you’ll be on the one paved road heading south. The south has its own share of super fun places. We recommend Crazy Canucks, Road Kill Bar, and Average Joe’s (AJ's).

***More info on the events at the bar/restaurants below!!!

---A day in town - the hotels in the heart of town are located in what is known as “Boca Del Rio”. The fun is all in walking distance. Walking out for coffee to a pier out front in the morning, relaxing on a veranda, a day at the pool or beach…..very relaxing! We recommend Sand Bar, Wayo’s, Palapa Bar (you can float in tubes on the Sea!), Fido’s (great bands Fri/Sat nights), drinks on the shore chairs at Sandy Toes, breakfast at Estelle’s, or just a walk as far south as Ramon’s, or as far north as La Choza Bar and Grill makes you feel like you are really doing something. You will always see something fun...the high school band frequently does parades through town, or you can watch as fisherman fight with pelicans and stingrays as they clean their fish!

---Spa/Yoga - we recommend Yoga on Tuesday and Thursdays at Sol Spa in the Phoenix - you can walk right up the second floor gym desk and double check the times, as they change, but it is usually at 8:45 on Tuesday and Thursday. It is about $15 per class. You can also check out Akbol Yoga north of the bridge for daily yoga at 9am, or Zen Yoga south of the airport. These are all easy to find on Facebook or online, and we recommend you check times as they frequently change. Spa - Sol Spa next door has an amazing reputation! You can stop in for a list of services at the gym front desk. It is open to the public. Crossfit is also really popular here, with a gym by La Choza just south of the bridge, or right by Zen Yoga.

---Water taxi for a day at Caye Caulker - the water taxi is located right in town, easy to find, and this is a super fun day! Visit for more info.

---Excursions - there is no shortage of excursions in San Pedro. Check our section on this for recommendations.

*****Tips to save you a few bucks*****

---Almost everything outside of grocery stores and the larger restaurants is negotiable.  10% is about the typical discount you can get - ask for “best price.”

---Coffee at a restaurant is sometimes not “free-refills.” This North American convention didn't make it in Belize.  So be careful asking for one more cup of coffee, as you may be a bit surprised at your bill.

---Assume that everything is in Belize Dollars - but USD is accepted everywhere. Nearly everything – outside of real estate, tours, and lodging – is in BZD.  Many menus will mention that “all prices in Belize dollars” and will also note if it is in USD.

---Tipping is appreciated and is about the same as the US.

Weekly Fun Events at the Local Bars and Restaurants

Here are our favorites!


This is arguably the biggest party day on the island. You’ll see people out drinking and swimming starting in late morning. Most people end up at Crazy Canucks in the afternoons for live music, followed by Average Joe’s for kareoke. The early afternoons are very popular at Sandy Toes and Palapa Bar.


Palapa Bar is busy early evening, and there is trivia at Sand Bar.


MUST DO…..go to Crazy Canucks for Crab Races! Dinner - sushi at Blue Water Grill - amazing.


Outdoor movies at Truck Stop or kareoke at Road Kill Bar.


MUST DO…...Chicken Drop at Wahoo’s!!! Or, trivia at Truck Stop. This is another big party night here.


Triveoke at Crazy Canuck’s (trivia followed by kareoke). Fido’s usually has live bands after 9pm.

Recommended Restaurants

Our favorites!

Nook - located on the beach in the heart of San Pedro, live music, great fish.

Rain Restaurant - north of the bridge, this is pricey but very romantic - get there before sunset! (The sun sets early here - around 6!)

Sand Bar - middle/north end of Boca Del Rio - great casual food and take out.

Fido’s - one of our favorite meals is the Tour Guide’s dinner - awesome locally caught fish.

Caliente - southern end of beach strip - great beach dining.

Blue Water Grill - my all time favorite here - sushi Tuesdays is amazing, but so is everything else! Southern side of beach strip.

Wild Mango’s - great food and atmosphere - southern side of beach strip, on the beach.

Melt - middle/north end of Boca Del Rio, on the beach - great comfort food.

Estelle’s - great atmosphere for breakfast, southern part of beach strip, on the beach.

Casual/street food - Pollo Feliz on back street by Warugama - everyday from about 10-1, he sells rotisserie chicken with salsa and corn tortillas - it is awesome. You make your own tacos out of this. There is a great smoothie stand, Izzy’s, just a short walk from the beach, on Pescador. Late night - go to Central Park - visit the blue tarp (or any of them!) Amazing shrimp and chicken burritos. If you want breakfast burritos in the morning, visit the stand right across from Warugama - it is hard to see, but well worth it when you want comfort food in the morning.

Excursion Recommendations

This is something Belize does well - almost always!! You will find numerous dive shops right on the beach a short walk from anywhere in the heart of town - these ALL have great reputations and they advertise clearly what they do. You can parasail, snorkel, fish, boat, dive….you can’t miss them and we would send guests to ANY of the places on the beach that you can find.

--Blue Heaven Dives - Steve is located a bit further south, and has an amazing dive shop.

--The Belize Zoo/Cave Tubing is highly rated -  Inland and Sea, SEArious, and SEAduced all have great ratings.

--Taking a catamaran - snorkeling to Caye Caulker - is highly recommended - you can do this at Island Tackle, or Catamaran Belize -  or any of the local dive shops - just ask!

--Arguably, the most popular excursion is snorkeling at Hol Chan - this is a fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive couple hours excursion, and a must do!

--Blue Hole/Turneffe Islands - this is a longer day - but it is one of the main attractions in Belize. You can easily find this tour with most dive shops.  

--Another popular trip is a sunset cruise -- Island Dream or Catamaran Belize are two fun ones!